Racers cut Ties with CBA

After 8 years of great Basketball, the Racers anounced that they no longer exist. "I am sad and disapointed to announce that the Racers and the CBA will not return to Omaha, at least not under our guidance, leadership or ownership" said Idelman. The decision in the end was based simply on economics. Steve Idman sad making money in the CBA or even losing an acceptable amount has become difficult, Rob Goodman the Racers General Manager said "Omaha's revenue was the fourth-best in the CBA last year, but the expenses still caused the team to lose money"
The CBA as a league is unstable after loosing Omaha, Florida, and Oklahoma City (inactive), even though Idleman stated "We wish the CBA and all the member clubs the best of luck and success in the future" Goodman will stay on as a one-man office staff for "Omaha Professional basketball". The most likely option will be the three-year old International Baskeball Association with teams in former CBA cities of Rapid City, and Fargo. No one in the orginization will confirm their intentions. The return of Professional Basketball will depend on having an Arena and a Key player over the next 60 to 90 days.

Rumor- Coach T goes to Seattle

There is an unconfirmed rumor that Mike Thibault (Head Coach and President) has accepted a position with the Seattle Supersonics. In eight CBA season he took the Racers to the playoffs eight time including Two visits to the CBA finals and the CBA championship title (93). He has served as an assistant coach and scout for both the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers. In 1995 he coached TEAM USA and took them to the Pan-Am games. His wife Nanci is from Washington, so the rumor may be true.

Racers Making Plans for 98-99

(8/13/97) The Racers office is still open but it has been drastically reduced. General Manager Rob Goodman is still reporting to work and doing behind-the-scenes work in preparation for the hoped-for return to the CBA in the 1998-99 season.
"The office is open, and actually the phones are busier than I thought they would be," Goodman said to Rob White World-Herald staff writer. "People are wondering what's going on and how they can help."
Goodman said he has received calls from individuals interested in purchasing some or all for the franchise. "I must have given Steve's number to 15 individuals to potentially partner with him," Goodman said.
The reception to the Racers' decision to shut down for a year hasn't ruffled too many feathers. In fact, Goodman said, it's been pretty positive. "We actually had some people who wanted to renew as us to hold onto their refund checks until next year if we make the comeback. But Steve and Sheri wrote them back and told the it was more appropriate for them to hang onto their money".
Racers sponsors also have been supportive of the Racers' decision, Goodman said. "The only way we'll know, though, is when we do make the announcement that we're coming back and in what form"

Break up the Racers

(6/17/97) Continental Basketball Association dispersal draft of former Omaha Racers. Each CBA club could select from a list that included the Racers' former active roster, reserve lists and/or acquired CBA draft selections. Omaha announced on June 12th that the team would be inactive for the 1997-98 season:

1. Grand Rapids   Phil Handy, Rumeal Robinson,
                       Michael Curry, Dean Thompson 
2. Yakima         Quinn Harwood, Sebastian Neal,
                       Corey Gaines, Steve Colter 
3. Idaho          Mike Jones, Deryl Cunningham, Ricky Robinson
4. Oklahoma City  1997 first-round pick,  
                       Darrin Hancock, Kevin Gamble
5. Quad City      Paul Graham, Clifford Rozier, Marcus Webb
6. Fort Wayne     1997 fifth-round pick, 
                      Alaa Abdelnaby, Mike Higgins
7. Connecticut    Alex Roberts, Darryl Johnson, Tim Legler
8. Florida        Ronnie Grandison, Bruce Chubick, Jim Les
9. Rockford       Kelsey Weems, Pete Myers, John Starks
10.Sioux Falls    Kenny Travis, Geert Hammink, Bart Kofoed
11.La Crosse      1997 fifth-round pick, 
                        Sam Johnson, Brian Davis

The Racers Featured on
National Public Radio

3/17/97 [OMAHA RACERS] -- Reporter Dan Collison spent a month following one team in the Continental Basketball Association. The C-B-A is the basketball league that's the equivalent of the minor leagues in baseball. Most N-B-A teams have at least one player or coach who came out of the C-B-A...and even though it's not as glamorous or well-paid as the N-B-A, the league is a place for players to work on their game, and keep their dreams of basketball stardom alive. (12:30) ((STEREO))
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